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Information event in Askyfou, December 11, 2018

11 December 2018

The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICh) and the Management Body of Samaria National Park (West Crete) invite you to the information event entitled "Public participation in community-based conservation: the case of Zelkova abelicea", which will take place on Tuesday 11 December 2018, at 18:30, at the Municipal Gymnasium in Askyfou.

The aim of the event is to provide the local public with detailed information on the values, threats and pressures associated with Z. abelicea and to improve public awareness in relation to the species, its habitat and the natural environment of the White Mountains. In addition, the event aims to encourage the active participation of the local inhabitants in the protection of biodiversity.

This event is supported by the Askyfou Cultural Association and the Forest Directorate of Chania within the framework of the project entitled: "Conservation of Zelkova abelicea in Crete” (2017-2020). The project is funded by the University of Fribourg, Switzerland and is coordinated by MAICh in collaboration with all the Forest Directorates of Crete, local municipalities, schools and other stakeholders.


18:30 Welcoming

19:00 " Λευκά Όρη: φύση και άνθρωπος", Dimitris Kontakos, Management Body of Samaria National Park (West Crete)

19:30 “Conservation of Zelkova abelicea in Crete”, Ilektra Remoundou, MAICh


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