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Planting Zelkova abelicea in Omalos plantation

01 October 2017

An ex situ plantation to conserve the local genetic resources of Z. abelicea, to raise public awareness, to increase opportunities for education/recreation and to provide a “certified” alternative for making traditional “Katsounes” (shepherds’’ walking sticks) was established during the first phase (2014-2016) of the project in Omalos (Lefka Ori) on a field of 4 ha offered by the Municipality of Platanias.

By the end of October 2017, 350 plantlets of Z. abelicea were transplanted. All plantlets were provided by the nursery of CIHEAM-MAICh. The location of the new plantlets was decided onsite among experts of CIHEAM-MAICh and FDC. Wooden sticks were mounted to support the highest plantlets.

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